Go Live

We are currently on track for Southwestern to Go Live with Google Apps for Education during and after Spring Break. On March 11th, all Southwestern staff members will be migrated to Google Apps, with faculty and students being migrated on March 18th.  During both weeks, there will be a number of "Google Mail & Calendar Basics" and "Google Collaboration" trainings offered, to fit into anyone's schedule. 

How to Prepare

To ensure a smooth migration of your data, please complete the following steps prior to your data migration date. Additional post-migration steps may be needed if these steps aren’t completed.

  • Rename any of your mail folders that have the caret character (^) in the name. This character is not allowed in Gmail labels.

  • Check the total number of mail folders your currently have. Folders and their contents migrate and the folder names become Google labels. Google recommends no more than 200 labels for optimal mail performance. If you have more than 200 folders in your current mailbox, it is highly recommended to consolidate them before migration to Gmail.

  • Check for long names and nested folders to make sure the entire name or path of the folder (e.g. Academic Year 2012-2013/Spring 2013/Spring Break) does not exceed 225 characters. If any of them do, rename those folders so the entire name and path is less than 225 characters. Folder names or paths longer than 225 characters will be truncated during the migration.

  • Review your email and identify email messages with the following attachments:
    • Executable files (.exe), .bat, .chm, and .vb file attachments are not allowed in Google Mail and will not migrate. If you need to retain these messages, save them to your computer for access after migration as they will not migrate.

  • Empty your Junk/Spam mail and Trash folders.

  • Move folders that are located underneath your Trash or Deleted Items and Draft folders out to the main or top folder of the mailbox OR move the folder contents to the Trash or Deleted Items or Draft folders. Messages in sub-folders of Trash, Deleted Items and Draft will not migrate.

  • If you use the following and would like to use them in email, document the settings and make a copy for reference. Following your migration, you will need to recreate these items in Gmail as they will not migrate because they are part of your local email settings.
    • Any Filters or Rules that you have for email - Thunderbird filters and/or Mac/Apple Mail rules
    • Email signatures
    • Personal Contact Groups or lists