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Welcome to Southwestern University Google Apps Learning Center

Welcome to our online learning center - a place where you can continue to build your knowledge of Google Apps. In this information and training site you will find links to information and tips on how to use the various Google Apps, quick reference guides, and much more. To get started, begin with:

Get Training
Throughout the weeks of March 11th and the 18th, training sessions for Mail & Calendar will be available on several days and times. For a list of the days, and when and where the sessions are, please check out the Training Sessions tab.

How Do I ...

How do I sign into Google Apps?

  1. Go to mail.southwestern.edu
  2. Sign in with your SUeID and password.
  3. To access other Google Apps after signing in, click on the app name in the black bar above your Mail.

How do I put Google Chrome on my computer?
    • Mac - Download and Install from www.google.com/chrome
    • Windows - Follow these instructions to Install Google Chrome

How do I move my Thunderbird contacts to Google Contacts?

Instructions for exporting your contacts from Thunderbird and importing them into your SU Google account can be found at:

Moving Your Thunderbird Contacts to Google Contacts.

How do I migrate my Meeting Maker calendar to Google?

You can easily export your Meeting Maker calendar and import it to Google Calendar yourself by following the instructions at:

Exporting Meeting Maker Calendars and Importing to Google Calendar

How do I setup my iPhone/iPad
Step-by-step guide on setting up your iPhone and iPad for your Southwestern Google mail, calendar and contacts:

iPhone/iPad Gmail, Calendar and Contacts Setup Guide for Southwestern

How do I setup my Android

Step-by-step guide on setting up your Android device for your Southwestern Google mail, calendar, and contacts:

Android Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts Setup Guide for Southwestern

How do I move my Thunderbird and Apple Mail Local Folders to Google Email
    • Mac
    • Windows 7
    • Windows XP

How do move mail from a personal Gmail account used to manage SU mail.
If you had SU mail forwarded or imported to a personal Gmail account, you can migrate that mail. 

Getting Started